Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Wants Everyone To Stop Searching For Their Purpose In Life

by 11 months ago

Everybody is always searching for their precious purpose in life. However, one person who knows a lot about success says you are wasting your time looking for your purpose in life. Apple CEO Tim Cook, who worked with Steve Jobs for years, is telling people to stop searching for their purpose in life.

People spend millions of dollars to help them find their purpose in life through self-help books, sabbaticals in exotic places, mind-altering drugs, and paying life coaches to help guide them. Tim Cook understands this quest to find your purpose because he was searching too. Then he finally found his purpose and he believes his purpose can be your purpose. Cook delivered a commencement speech at MIT last year (Which you can watch below) where he revealed that it took him 15 years to find his purpose in life. Despite all of the power, all of the money, all of the achievements, Cook continued to hunt for his purpose.

Cook’s life is a remarkable success story of growing up in southern Alabama where he worked at a paper mill to becoming the CEO of one of the most successful and influential companies in the world. Cook has a net worth of over $600 million and Apple is marching towards becoming the first trillion-dollar company ever. Despite all of that prosperity, Tim Cook was still searching for his purpose until he realized that his purpose is everyone’s purpose.

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