How To Save Money

Unsplash/Josh Appel

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Listen. I hate saving money. One of my favorite things to do is go out to a bar on a Friday night, and a Saturday night, and a Sunday during the day, and spend way too much cash on shitty booze. But we’re in tough times. A lot of people have lost their jobs, bars aren’t open (yet) and it’s time to get smart about saving your hard-earned dough.

Saving money is about more than just spending less. OK, no it’s not. Spend less money. That’s pretty obvious. But what are some ways you can cut back on dishing out cash while you’re stuck at home? I’m glad you asked my frugal friends. Let’s take a look.

Drink at home

OK, this one is pretty easy, since a lot of places still aren’t open. Drink at home. Going out and buying beers to keep in the fridge, or a handle of cheap vodka for those famous vodka sodas you mix up are going to really cut costs in a big way. If you’re in a major city, you’re looking at spending 6 bucks a beer at a bar or restaurant. Want to drink 15 beers and then cry watching Homeward Bound? You can do that at home for a lot less.

Get an app 

This one doesn’t require not spending money, per say, but rather just knowing where that money’s going. An automated financial assistant like Digit is a great way to put some money aside without even thinking about it. Digit can keep you up to date on your current financial state, and automatically save money based on your spending habits. I bought an engagement ring with it, so it works. She said, no, but that’s not the point. If you’re reading this, Ashley Tisdale, please come back!

Keep your coins 

I hate change jingling around in my pocket. But on the plus side, it makes me sound like an outlaw entering an old-timey western saloon, which is pretty cool. The downside, is that it weighs down my shorts, and nobody likes when my elastic is near my knee caps.

The fun thing about loose coins though, is that they’re worth a lot of money. It adds up, but only if you add it up. Every day when you get home, throw your coins in a jar, and before you know it, you’ll have beer money for a month. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Cancel subscriptions

How many subscription services are you signed up for off the top of your head? Can’t answer? There’s your problem. Check your bank statements and figure out which services you’re paying for that you don’t really use. You did it with that gym membership, so this should be a no brainer.

Follow these four steps from Papa G and you’ll be able to afford that next piece of avocado and toast in no time.

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