Uber Cuts Jobs; Nobel Prize In Econ Announced; Smile Direct Club’s Bad Day

US-China “Deal”; Uber Buys Grocery Delivery Service; SoftBank Planning WeWork Bail Out

China Vs. Everybody; Saudi Aramco IPO Update; Dyson Gives Up EV Hopes

PG&E Shuts Power Off; Zuck To Testify; Ken Fisher Is Pretty Creepy

US-China Trade Talks Not Looking Good; SoftBank’s Struggles; Twitter Messed Up

GE’s Woes Continue; NBA’s PR Nightmare; Pot Company Postpones IPO

Jobs Report; PayPal Pulls Out Of Libra; Barneys Has A Buyer

Bird’s Massive Funding Round; Uber’s New Gig; Layoffs Aplenty

Credit Suisse Drama; Charles Schwab Kills Commission Fees; UPS Drones Approved

California “Pay To Play” College Sports Bill Becomes Law; Forever 21 Bankruptcy; Facebook OKs Some Fake News

Meet Wells Fargo’s New CEO; US Decides Against Banning Chinese Companies From Exchanges

Peloton’s IPO Was A Disaster; Endeavor Cancels IPO; We Co. To Sell Jet

Amazon’s New Alexa Products; Juul’s CEO Ousted; Altria Merger Off

Impeachment Talk Rocks Markets; Neumann Out As WeWork CEO; Juul Layoffs

Another Juul Investigation; Thomas Cook Bankruptcy; Facebook Buys Mind Control Startup

Rogue Trader Costs Firm $320M; Adam Neumann On Chopping Block; Walmart Bans E-Cig Sales

Bezos Makes Climate Pledge; Stripe Raises Massive Round; AirBnb To Go Public

Fed Cuts Interest Rates; FedEx Had A Terrible Day; Facebook Wants In On Streaming

Facebook Announces “Supreme Court”; Jay Powell Saves The Day; Juul Banned In China

Seinfeld Is Coming To Netflix; JPMorgan Traders Charged With Racketeering; WeWork Shelves IPO

SoftBank Promises Investment In WeWork; Saudi Arabia Attack; OxyContin Maker Files Bankruptcy

European Central Bank Rolls Out Stimulus; SmileDirectClub IPO Goes Poorly

POTUS Eyes E-Cigs; Hong Kong Makes Bid For London Stock Exchange; T. Boone Pickens Dies

Apple’s New Products; Jack Ma “Retires”; Uber & Lyft Catch Another Bad Break

AT&T Has A New Investor; Return Of Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac; Brexit Is Still A Disaster

Vaping Crackdown; States Enter Big Tech Fight; Galleon Group Head Out Of Jail