A-Rod Grabs Lunch With JLo’s Friend In Miami, Doesn’t Want To Talk About Ben Affleck

Alex Rodriguez Lunches With JLos Friend Wont Talk About Ben Affleck

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Do you hear that? Listen closely. That is the sound of Alex Rodriguez still pining away about the one true love that got away, Jennifer Lopez.

Rodriguez, who was recently spotted being cheered on by his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis as he was inducted into the Boys and Girls Club of America’s Hall of Fame (the only Hall of Fame he is getting into these days), is apparently still trying his best to make things work with JLo.

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Following Lopez’s return from her trip to Montana with her ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck, Rodriguez was spotted out to lunch in Miami with Stevie Mackey, Lopez’s close friend and longtime voice coach.

Naturally, while there, someone in the media approached A-Rod and asked for his thoughts on Lopez and Affleck vacationing together.

His response? “Go Yankees.”

That doesn’t mean he is giving up though, as a source recently told Radar, “he isn’t the sort of guy who is used to being told ‘no,’ and is 100% confident that he can win her back.”

Ironically, one of the rumored big reasons for Lopez calling it quits with the former Yankees third baseman was because of his impending deal to purchase the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves might no longer be a problem.

Lopez and Affleck reportedly rekindled their relationship just two weeks after she broke up with Rodriguez due in large part to the actor “flooding her with emails while she was filming in the Dominican Republic,” according to TMZ.

Despite that, A-Rod is reportedly still holding out hope. Maybe it’s because Lopez reportedly still hasn’t returned the $1.8 million engagement ring he got her. (Or do you think she already sold it?)