Amanda Bynes Getting Into The Rap Game, Drops Snippet Of New Track ‘Diamonds’

Amanda Bynes Drops Instagram Post Performing New Rap Song Diamonds

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Looks like it’s time for our annual Amanda Bynes sighting. The last time we saw the former All That star she was announcing her engagement, then calling it off, and refusing to follow a judge’s order that she check into a psychiatric facility.

Bynes, who graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising back in June 2019, so far hasn’t made her long-awaited return to acting, but on Wednesday she did reveal another interest she may be pursuing: rap.

Dropping a snippet from new track on Instagram called “Diamonds,” the 34-year-old Bynes raps, “Diamonds, Diamonds on my neck, on my wrist.”

The song also appears to feature a rapper named Precise, who bears a striking resemblance to be her fiance(?) Paul Michael.

Sadly, the clip is only 12 seconds. And sadly, we still have no idea why she changed her Instagram handle to @matteblackonlinestore. Or why this is only the second post she’s made since October 2, 2020.

Earlier this month, fans of Bynes noticed that she had posed for a selfie on Michael’s Instagram Stories rocking some very bushy eyebrows.

Back in December, Michael told E! News, “We’re doing great. We go on walks and work every day, like to get coffee, and talk about living together one day. We are limited to what we can do in this pandemic so even if we want to do more, we are limited. [We plan on] spending the holidays together for a family dinner, also going to plan the wedding after we live together.

“We take good care of each other and we’re understanding of one another and she is a good listener and we’re there for each other,” he continued. “We have the best time and I love spending every second with her. She is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Bynes’ attorney, David A. Esquibias, wasn’t buying it, telling E! News, “This guy purports to love Amanda and be a source of emotional support. But, it appears to me he is selling access to her to the paparazzi.”

Michael has since either deleted his Instagram account or changed his username.

UPDATE: Here is the full version of the song…