Colin Cowherd Is A Huge Fan Of Chicago Bears’ RB ‘Armstrong’, A Human Being That Does Not Exist

Colin Cowherd Is Fan Of Bears' RB 'Armstrong', Who Doesn't Exist

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Given how long he’s been on the air — I actually remember listening to The Herd back when he was on ESPN Radio about a decade ago when I was working in a cornfield one summer at Rutgers University (true story) — Colin Cowherd obviously knows what he’s doing, whether you like it or not.

Yes, he quite often fires off absurd hot takes — so many that there’s a hilarious Twitter account, Funhouse, dedicated to keeping track of his blunders (they used to do the same with Mike Francesca) — but that’s ultimately the art of being on the radio. All you’ve got up there is your voice and you’ve got to use it to keep people entertained. And while I’m not absolving Cowherd of his potential carelessness, I’m just saying that I find his gafs to be more entertaining than misinformed.

Colin Cowherd is a huge fan of Chicago Bears running back “Armstrong”, which is a player that does not exist (he meant David Montgomery)

On Tuesday, for example, while discussing the Chicago Bears’ decision to trade for Steelers’ wide receiver Chase Claypool, Cowherd said that he loved the team’s running back “Armstrong,” who is a player that does not exist.

To Cowherd’s credit, when the show returned from a commercial break, he bluntly addressed the brain fart and clarified that he was actually talking about David Montgomery:

“By the way, as I’ve been talking about the Bears’ weapons, the running back is David Montgomery. For the life of me, I have no idea why I called him Armstrong a couple times, I have no idea. I’m talking about a million names, a million trades, stuff happening.”

As for the aforementioned Chicago Bears, following their loss to the Dallas Cowboys over the weekend, they now sit at 3-5. Quarterback Justin Fields, however, has shown glimmers of potentially becoming a franchise QB in recent weeks.

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