Dad Spends Six Years Building A 588-Foot Backyard Bobsled Track To Entertain His Kids For 12 Minutes

Martin Rose/Getty Images

If I were a real jerk I would’ve titled this article Dad Spends Six Years Building Bobsled Track For Children Who Don’t Even Recognize Him Anymore or Dad Puts Marriage On Hold For Pet Project or Dad Of The Year Builds Death Trap For Children or Dad Spends Six Years Building Bobsled Track So Kids Can Use It For 40 Minutes And Go Inside To Play Fortnite, but I’m actually feeling pretty kind and grateful today, so I will give Aivis Berzins his roses.

Berzins lives in the 3,000 populated town of Rujiena in Latvia and is going viral internationally for parenting that requires more sweat equity than turning on YouTube channel of children unboxing toys.

The man spent $60 and six years to build his children a 588-foot bobsledding track that can reach speeds up to 19 mph and takes a full minute to make a complete loop.

“I built the bobsled track for the kids, so they have something to do in the winter and they do not sit in the house all the time in front of the television and computer.”

Hold the phone here, Aivis. So you’re saying that the relentless bombardment of manufactured light from a screen into the unformed brain of a child is NOT ideal for their development and socialization? Hogwash!

Sidenote: I went to a small village in Latvia in 2019 and ate so many cured meats I didn’t shit for a fortnight.

Here is my wife pizza-ing down the bunny hill played in concert with Down With The Sickness. 

And finally, I feel like my Aunt Lorraine, but this dog video is just too damn cute not to share.