Watch Dave Grohl Prank Fans With Fake Fall Off The Stage During Foo Fighters Concert

Three years ago while performing in Gothenburg, Sweden, Dave Grohl fell off the stage and broke his leg during a Foo Fighters concert. The crazy part is that Dave continued to perform for the crowd despite having a broken leg.

The other insane part is that Grohl didn’t cancel the Foo Fighters tour and performed while sitting in an iron throne of guitars (which he later loaned out the throne to Axl Rose after he broke his leg while performing on stage). On Tuesday, Grohl was back in Gothenburg for the first time since the accident and the Foo Fighters frontman did not disappoint in his return.

Despite being a rock legend, Grohl decided to use the homecoming to poke fun of his previous clumsiness. Grohl got a stuntman to pretend to be him and then reenact his unfortunate fall from back in 2015. The stunt double walked out to start the concert and strolled right off the gangway. The Grohl doppelgänger plummeted off the stage as the crowd goes from cheering to horrified to relieved to laughing after they realized it was all a prank. Meanwhile, Grohl walks onto the stage at Ullevi Stadium and performed their hit song “All My Life.” God bless Dave Grohl for never taking himself too seriously despite being a very big deal.