The Donald And Melania Trump Bad Lip Reading Christmas Edition Is Worth Your Time


Bad Lip Reading is back ladies and gentlemen, with a very special Christmas edition featuring President Trump and First Lady Melania that belongs on their First Presidential Mixtape dropping this summer on MySpace, probably.

With Trump being the target of literally hundreds of thousands of jokes on the inter webs, it should be noted that the dude has done some generous things around the holidays for men and women across the country. Trump recently paid for Christmas dinner for hundreds of law enforcement members working the holiday. That’s was a nice gesture, but instead, Melania’s Christmas selfie grabbed the headlines with people claiming it to be “tacky” and an insult to the position of First Lady.

If we complain about everything people, we’re really complaining about nothing.

Melania, you look dashing. Or should I say…Dasher. Like the reindeer. Ok, I think I’ll jump off my balcony now.

In any event, lets take a break from the stone throwing and focus on what really matters: The Bad Lip Reading. Check it out in all its glory below.

“Christmas time is here again. Shub a dub your vegan face.” What a strong start.

This video alone may win him a second term.

If you bros haven’t caught the Bad Lip Reading of ‘The Empire Strikes Back,’ I highly suggest it.


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