‘Teslaquila’ Tequila Could (And Should) Be Elon Musk’s Next Business Venture

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Last weekend, Elon Musk became the victim of his own April Fool’s Day joke when he tweeted Tesla was going bankrupt and subsequently saw the company’s stock dip in value, proving once and for all that markets are totally, definitely rational. The people who took his tweet seriously apparently didn’t see the follow-up, where he joked about getting blackout drunk on “Teslaquilla” to ease the pain.

It might have just been a goof, but Musk followed up the tweet yesterday with by posting a picture of a real, actual bottle of Teslaquila (spelled correctly this time).


It might just be a one-off, but based on the advances he’s made in space travel and terrestrial transportation, I’d love to see what would happen if he went toe-to-toe with George Clooney in the tequila game.

While Musk has invested ungodly amounts of his own money into companies like Tesla and SpaceX, he’s also turned to more unconventional terms of funding. When he launched the Boring Company in a move to make his dreams of a HyperLoop a reality, he made millions of dollars by selling branded hats in addition to $500 flamethrowers. As a result, suddenly selling Tesla-branded tequila wouldn’t be the most absurd move in the world.

Sure, cars and alcohol aren’t exactly the best combination, but I look forward to a future where I can hit the “Autopilot” button on the Tesla I’ll absolutely be able to afford one day and make myself a Teslaquila margarita in the car.

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