‘Exploding Head Syndrome’ Is Real And Could Be The Reason You Never Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Explosive Head Syndrome Real


People lose sleep for hundreds of different reasons. Lack of shut-eye could be job-related, sports-related, or just the inability to calm the hell down and get some rest.

Other more serious issues include insomnia, caffeine addiction and a little discussed but serious problem called “exploding head syndrome.” EHS, also called episodic cranial sensory shock, is a condition where a person hearing loud but imagined noises or experiences an explosive feeling – like falling or tripping – while trying to get to sleep. This condition is usually brought on by stress.

In this helpful video from LifeNoggin, the narrates discuss EHS and other sleep issues and what exactly happens to your body if you go longer than a week without sleeping. Just one all-nighter is a bad idea, as the video points out, and anything longer could cause serious mental and physical issues. The same fine folks were behind the video detailing how bad too much coffee can be for the body.

If you’re having trouble getting a decent night of sleep, consider one of these hacks, or look into healthy sleep aids like melatonin. If the problem continues, see an MD.

[via LifeNoggin]

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