Survey Of 1,500 NFL Fans Reveals Which Teams Cause Their Supporters To Lose The Most Sleep

by 1 year ago
Survey NFL Fans Teams Lose Sleep


Man, with the recent flurry of free agent signings in the NFL a lot of teams are going to look very different next season *cough*Browns*cough*. You’ve got Alex Smith now on the [redacted]s, Kirk Cousins on the Vikings, Doug Martin on the Raiders, Case Keenum on the Broncos, Sam Bradford on the Cardinals, and it’s only the middle of March.

It’s enough to make an NFL fan lose some sleep wondering which player from their team is going to end up playing in another city next.

And speaking of NFL fans losing sleep over their teams, the folks over at Mattress Advisor recently polled nearly 1,500 NFL fans about just how late they’re willing to stay up for their team, if their dedication shifts during the playoffs, and which rivalries are keeping fans up at night. (How smooth was that segue?)

First up, we start with the NFL fans who are most willing to stay up past their bedtime to watch their teams.

Apparently, and I suppose you’d have to be, Jacksonville Jaguars fans are pretty die hard since they are willing to stay up the longest: an additional 3 hours and 42 minutes on average past their normal bedtimes.

Fans of the Los Angeles Rams (3 hours and 36 minutes), Tennessee Titans (3 hours and 31 minutes), Los Angeles Chargers (3 hours and 26 minutes) and the Washington football team (3 hours and 11 minutes) rounded out the top five.

Meanwhile, Detroit Lions fans (2 hours and 7 minutes) were the least inclined to stay up late to watch their squad. Go figure.