New Fan Theory Suggests Someone Was Edited Out Of Two Scenes In The ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Trailer

by 1 year ago
Fan Theory Someone Was Edited Out Of The Avengers Endgame Trailer


Because that’s just what they do, and have been doing since Avengers: Infinity War premiered, Marvel fans have been speculating and putting forth theory after theory after theory after theory about what they think is going to happen in Avengers: Endgame.

That’s the kind of thing that happens when people are left hanging for a freaking year over an ending to a story. They’re just starving for any little hint.

Which is why when Marvel dropped a new trailer for Avengers: Endgame during Super Bowl LIII it was immediately chopped up and dissected as fans searched for clues.

The most interesting fan theory I have run across since the trailer’s release involves not who’s in it, but who appears to have been cut out of the trailer.

This line of thinking is not without merit because Marvel is well known for misdirection when it comes to their trailers. Remember Hulk heading into battle with Cap and Black Panther in Infinity War?

infinity war


Of course you don’t. Because even though it was in the trailer, it didn’t happen.

This latest fan theory, put forth both on Reddit as well as on Twitter, points out two scenes where it appears someone is missing.

Fan Theory Someone Edited Out Of The Avengers Endgame Trailer


Does War Machine have B.O. or something? Why won’t anyone walk next to him?

So who is this missing person? The top guess appears to be Captain Marvel.

I, however, am leaning towards Tony Stark.

One, he’s tight with Rhodey so it would make sense for Tony to be next to him. And two, Marvel wouldn’t want to give away the fact that he somehow survives. (Maybe NASA really did save him.)

A couple of other options that Marvel wouldn’t want to reveal are Nebula or Gamora, for similar reasons to Tony Stark. (He better not be dead, dammit.)

Of course, it could be that they didn’t edit anyone out of those scenes and everyone’s just searching for something that isn’t there. Damn you, Marvel.

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