Ex-FBI Special Agent Warns UFO Sightings Will Increase As Part Of Fake Alien Invasion Program

Ex-FBI Special Agent Warns Of Government Fake Alien Invasion Program


A retired FBI agent warned in 2022 that UFO sightings like the infamous Navy TicTac events will increase. He claims it will happen as part of a fake alien invasion scenario to frighten the world.

With all of the current and former high ranking officials, special agents and pilots coming forward with what they know about UFOs and aliens, the United States government is at some point going to be forced to reveal everything it knows.

Thanks to the internet, the willingness and ability of these previously silent individuals to speak out will only continue to increase.

The latest UFO revelations come from former FBI agent John DeSouza who warns the UFO sightings like the Navy TicTac UFOs that got so much attention in 2021 will continue and probably go up in number.

DeSouza, who served for 25 years with the FBI on counter-terrorism and paranormal cases, spoke with Exopolitics.org about what he expects to see happen.

“One of the things that I see happening throughout 2022 is going to be … they’re gonna make these TicTacs, and these TicTacs come in many different shapes and sizes like they are sometimes cylinders, they are sometimes motherships, they are in all different shapes and sizes,” said DeSouza.

He continued, “What we’re going to be seeing is we’re going to be seeing these TicTacs, also called UAPs, that’s the new terminology, as well we’re going to be seeing them actually engaging civilian ships and vessels in a hostile aggressive manner.”

The former FBI agent claims there will be civilian TicTac UFO sightings as part of a fake alien invasion plan

A scenario such as this would indeed be new as thus far the TicTac UFOs have only been reported being seen by Navy personnel.

“They may not be killing people yet, but they will be doing things to disable ships, disable vessels, actually have real physical confrontation,” he added.

“Because at this point they need to ratchet up the fear more than what it’s been. It can’t just be this – oh, the Tic Tacs appeared and they zipped around and then they disappeared. They’re gonna need to kick that up a level.”

Interesting theories, to be sure.

For what it’s worth, Exopolitics.org also reported last week that an “ancient space ark” buried near Kherson in the Ukraine had been activated, which is the real reason why Russia invaded the country.

They also reported that there is a second “ancient space ark” in the north of Russia, but that Vladimir Putin already has control of it.

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