Fisherman Reels In GIGANTIC 220-Pound Severed Shark’s Head With Marlin’s Bill Embedded In It


Famed fisherman commonly known as Trapman Bermagui made a discovery off the waters off the coast of Sydney, Australia, Thursday morning that ended up going so viral, it crashed the dude’s website.

The Trapman, born Jason, was shark fishing off the coast of Bermagui, a town in Australia’s New South Wales, when he reeled in a 220-pound mako shark head that was mysteriously decapitated. As if catching a severed head of a giant shark wasn’t insane enough, Jason found a marlin’s bill embedded in the mako shark’s head, which would provide nearly 80 pounds of meat.

He wrote on Facebook

So this was all we got back of this monster mako. Unfortunately we didn’t see what ate it but must of been impressive!! The head was about 100kg. It was a crazy morning of shark fishing. Hoping to catch smaller sharks but just hooked big sharks that got eaten by bigger sharks again. When I thought I’d seen it all, we cut about 35kg of meat off the mako head and discovered it had a marlin bill embedded in its head.

Jason said the marlin bill had been wedged in the head for years which he said demonstrated ‘amazing healing powers of the shark.’

Mako sharks are the fastest sharks in the water and can grow up to 12 feet long and weigh up to 1,260 pounds.

So, the fact that it had clearly been defeated by another creature begs the question: just how big and vicious can these sea creatures get?

Many people are theorizing that the megladon, a massive pre-historic mega shark that was killed by cosmic radiation 2.6 million years ago, is still roaming the seas and killed this beast. Others point to the smaller conveyor teeth outside major bite marks that seem to indicate that a gang of Great White sharks feasted on the Mako.

Whatever it was, I think I’m just going to stick to the pool this summer.

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