This New Web Site FINALLY Makes Searching Netflix Not Feel Like An Exercise In Futility

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If we ever wanted to get serious with people like Kim Jong-un all we really have to do is put them in a room with a TV tuned to Netflix and tell them to search for a list of movies and TV shows and say they can’t leave until they locate them all. No way they will ever make it out of the room without their brain going into full meltdown.

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No, Netflix, my taste preferences actually have NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS SUBJECT!

Thankfully, a man, no, a hero, named Ville Salminen has created a new website called Flixable that FINALLY has made searching Netflix for something to watch not a completely fruitless experience. Thank you, Jesus.

Now, with Flixable, you can finally see a list of upcoming releases, see which titles are leaving Netflix shortly, and see which content is most popular today, this week or this month.

You can also view JUST the titles that are Netflix Originals, SEARCH for a specific title and actually find out if it is really on Netflix or not, and see the IMDb ratings of the shows and movies.


According to The Daily Dot

Creator Ville Salminen, who also co-founded the streaming news site Cordcutting, says the goal was “to build a site that would make it easier for Netflix subscribers to choose what to watch on a movie night.” He says a recent Reddit post about Netflix’s myopic search function and stale presentation proved there was a demand for this kind of resource.

Uh, yeah!

Salminen also created the website AllFlicks in 2014, which he sold to Reelgood last year, which catalogs Netflix user ratings and uses the data to reveal trends in what people prefer to watch on the streaming platform.

I think I love this man.

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