Gambino Boss Murder May Not Be Mob-Related, Killer Wanted To Date Frank Cali’s Niece, Put On MAGA Show In Court

When you first hear of a major mafia boss get gunned down at his home, you surmise that this is revenge or the start of a mob turf war. That was the case last week when Gambino mob boss Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali was shot and killed in front of his Staten Island home. But new details in the murder of the crime boss are pointing to a totally different direction.

Anthony Comello is charged in the murder of Francesco “Frankie Boy” Cali, which was originally thought to be the first major mob hit within New York City’s five ruling Mafia families in more than 30 years. However, new evidence suggests that Frank Cali’s murder was not mob-related at all and rather a dispute over a girl.

Comello allegedly drove to Cali’s house in Todt Hill, Staten Island and then purposely drove his car into the silver Cadillac Escalade of the mafia boss around 9:15 pm according to surveillance videos from the area. Video also captured the moment when man, thought to be Comello, shook the hand of Cali, then when Franky Boy was walking away, the killer pumped Cali with six bullets.

Franky Boy would later die at Staten Island University Hospital. Comello’s fingerprints were reportedly found on the license plate that he had handed to Cali before shooting him.

Because of the friendly interaction, police suspect that maybe Cali and the man, presumably Comello, knew each other. In reality, Comello and Cali do know each other and their relationship has nothing to do with the mafia.

Comello wanted to date Cali’s niece. Reports say that Cali forbid Comello from dating his niece, so Anthony gunned down the powerful crime boss in the name of love. Comello was arrested in Brick, N.J. on Saturday.

Things got even more bizarre during an extradition hearing in Toms River, New Jersey on Monday. Comello, who is a 24-year-old construction worker, had several messages scribbled on his hand in blue ink that showed support to President Donald Trump. On his hand was “MAGA forever,” which means “Make America Great Again,” and was Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan.

Other words written on his hand were “United We Stand,” “Patriots in charge,” and “USA.” There was also a large circle.

Anthony Comello’s attorney Robert C. Gottlieb said that his client has waived extradition and will be arraigned in a Staten Island court next week. Gottlieb told TMZ that Comello has been placed in protective custody after receiving “serious threats.” There is no doubt that mafia hitmen will be salivating at the chance to avenge Francesco “Frankie Boy” Cali’s death by whacking Comello.