The $30,000-Plus Grammys Gift Bag VIPs Received Contained Some Seriously Ridiculous Stuff

by 12 months ago
grammys gift bag 2018

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Did you know the Grammys have a “Gift Lounge” for VIP attendees? Because they do. That’s singer Bebe Rexha at one of the booths in the Gift Lounge at this year’s Grammys in the photo above. That’s right, there is a whole room set up just for celebrities to stroll around and pick up a bunch of expensive stuff for free. Amazing, right?

You know what else is amazing? The gift bag worth over $30,000 that VIPs at the Grammys receive for just showing up… to an awards show.

Inside the bag this year, according to The Daily Mail, were a free week of services at a spa worth $8,850, vouchers for designer jewelry, gift cards for gourmet restaurants, private mixology classes worth $5,100, VIP airport services worth $1,500, as well as numerous health and beauty products. Everything a rich, famous person would need… for free.

According to Money, the amount of free stuff these VIPs received was so heavy that this year the Grammys had to use a duffel bag to hold it all.

“It is an honor for any artist to be asked to be part of music’s biggest night, and that honor is no less significant for Grammy partners like us,” Distinctive Assets’ founder, Lash Fary, said in a statement. “We are so proud to help celebrate sixty amazing years of Grammy magic with our signature backstage gift lounge.”

Here’s the complete, ridiculous list of what was inside this year’s Grammys gift bag…

— Fragrance samples inspired by songs from perfumer Art Meets Art
— Subscription package for the Book of the Month club
— Color-changing lipstick from Blush & Whimsy
— Selection of products from Bulletproof Coffee
— Set of customization handbag straps from Carrie’d NYC
— Ear-cleaning device from Clear Ear
— Pinhole gum rejuvenation treatment from Dr. John Chao
— Cook Yourself Happy: The Danish Way book
— ‘Live Uncaged’ t-shirt from Cotton Canary
— Carboxytherapy treatment mask from CO2Lift
— Argan Oil hair care maintenance kit from Crème of Nature
— Curlee Girlee children’s book
— Handbag poncho from Dear Rain
— Musical game DropMix, which lets you create mixes of popular songs