Earn Over $1,000,000 In GTA Money This Week Simply By Playing ‘Grand Theft Auto’

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Rockstar Games

While we patiently wait for Red Dead Redemption 2 (You can see 13 new screenshots HERE), Rockstar Games is still putting out quality updates to GTA on a regular basis. To make you want to play Grand Theft Auto even more, Rockstar Games is giving you $1,000,000! It’s $1,000,000 of in-game money, but free anything is still good.

To celebrate “Business Week” in Southern San Andreas, Rockstar Games is giving gamers over a million GTA dollars just for signing into GTA Online. Now through May 14th, players can get free in-game money for logging into GTA Online.

“Whether you’re fresh off the plane at LSIA or a longstanding VIP, everyone who logs in to GTA Online this week will qualify for a state-sponsored gift of GTA$250K,” promises Rockstar. But the basic income doesn’t stop there because after your first visit you get GTA$150,000 for subsequent log-ins over the other days. You can potentially get GTA$1,150,000, which will be deposited into your Maze Bank account between May 15 and May 21.

With all that money you could splurge on that supercar you’ve always dreamed of. It just so happens that this week’s GTA Online update includes two exquisite performance machines. First is the Overflod Tyrant, available at Legendary Motorsport. But don’t forget your checkbook because it costs a whopping $2,515,000.

The second is the Vapid Dominator GTX muscle car from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. This bad boy costs $725,000 and Rockstar describes it as “half brute force, half pristine performance and all America.”