Apparently We’ve Been Eating Pineapples Wrong Our Entire Lives, And The Internet’s Mind Is Blown

How To Eat Pineapple Properly Life Hack


Thank goodness for the internet. Without it, how would we know that we’ve been storing peanut butter wrong our entire lives? Or using can-openers wrong our whole lives? Or washing our hands wrong? Or applying our cologne all wrong? Or flushing the toilet wrong? And, gasp, pouring our Guinness all wrong?!

I really don’t know how the human race managed to survive before the world wide web came along.

Now comes news that we’ve been eating pineapples all wrong our entire lives. Yep, pretty much everything we thought we know is a lie.

If you eat your pineapple by cutting off that hard skin, then slicing the juicy fruit part up into tasty bite-size chunks, you, like me, are an idiot.

I know this now, and so do you, because of a video someone shared on TikTok that went viral this week on Twitter which shows exactly what big dummies we’ve all been for far too long.

You are not ready for this…


You mean that’s all I needed to be doing all these years? Dammit.

Well, at least I am not alone. Far from it, in fact.



Also, did you know you’ve been microwaving your food all wrong? Yep, saved by the internet yet again.

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