These Crazy Videos Of Hurricane Michael Prove You Do Not Want To F*ck With Mother Nature

hurricane michael video footage


Earlier this week, hundreds of thousands of people fled the Florida Panhandle as Hurricane Michael began to bear down on the state but more than a few have decided to stare Mother Nature directly in the face and ride it out.

Good luck with that.

We were treated with some absolutely wild footage when Hurricane Florence hit the Carolinas last month but Michael— which just made landfall as a Category 4 storm boasting 155 MPH winds— has the potential to wreak even more havoc than its predecessor.

As is the case with every storm of this severity, a number of meteorologists with balls the size of watermelons have descended upon Florida in order to let people get a sense of just how crazy things are from the safety of their homes.

Some residents have also captured footage of the storm, and based on the videos I’ve come across so far, you’re going to want to stay inside if you happen to be in the vicinity of Hurricane Michael.

However, none of those clips are as wild as a couple of ones featuring people who purposefully traveled to Florida for Hurricane Michael— like storm chaser Brett Adair, whose car got swept away after getting hit by a storm surge.

However, none of these even come close to what happened to the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore, who almost got nailed by a flying chunk of wood during a live broadcast.

That could have ended poorly.

It should go without saying that anyone who’s in the path of the storm should continue to hunker down, and while you might feel the urge to go outside and use the high winds to play frisbee with yourself, it’s probably not worth tempting the fate Cantore managed to narrowly avoid.

It’s all fun and games until you get hit by a 2×4.

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