Guy Buys 25 Identical Lottery Tickets For The Same Pick 4 Drawing, Wins 25 Times

Guy Buys 25 Identical Lottery Tickets For Same Drawing Wins 25 Times


We have seen a lot of wild stories about people winning the lottery over the years, but this might be a first.

A man named Raymond Harrington from Virginia Beach, Virginia, for some reason, purchased 25 identical lottery tickets for the same Pick 4 drawing. He ended up winning the grand prize 25 times.

“Something just told me to play 25 times,” Harrington told Virginia Lottery officials.

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In case you were wondering, the numbers he played 25 times in the Pick 4 drawing on July 17th were 4-6-4-0. Each ticket cost one dollar each, and each ticket won the game’s top prize of $5,000.

Let me do the math for you. He paid $25 and won $125,000… by playing the same lottery numbers 25 times on one drawing.

Like I said, this might be a first.

The odds for picking all four numbers in the Virginia Lottery’s Pick 4 game are 10,000 to 1. The odds of some guy doing what Harrington pulled off are beyond comprehension.

According to the Virginia Lottery, Harrington “has no immediate plans for his winnings except to help out his two sons in college.”

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