Instagram Model Helped Senator Mother Make Daring Prison Escape By Distracting Guard: Prosecutors

An Instagram model is putting in her bid for “Daughter of the Year” after she reportedly helped her mother escape prison by distracting the guard. And you can’t even be bothered to return your mother’s phone calls.

We take you to Colombia where an Instagram influencer with millions of followers allegedly distracted guard to enable her mother – who was a senator – to make a daring prison escape.

Aída Merlano Rebolledo became a Colombian senator in 2019, however her political career only lasted a few months after she was found guilty of voter fraud, corruption, and illegal possession of weapons. She was sentenced to 15 years in a Bogota prison. That prison sentence was also short-lived as Rebolledo made a daring prison escape – which was purportedly assisted by her 21-year-old daughter.

Rebolledo was taken to a dentist office outside the penitentiary in October 2019 – two weeks after she began her prison sentence. The prison guard escorted the disgraced senator to the dentist’s office and waited in the waiting room during the dental appointment. The daughter – Aída Victoria Merlano Manzanero – kept the guard occupied while her mother tied a rope to a table and escaped from the window of the third-floor office.

Video of the daring prison escape shows Rebolledo suffering a hard landing on the pavement as onlookers attempt to help her. The former senator dressed in all white then jumps on a getaway motorcycle that was nearby.

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Authorities say Manzanero booked a dentist appointment at the same time as her mother and talked to the guard at length in an apparent attempt to distract the guard.

While Rebolledo was on the run, the daughter used her mother’s prison escape to bolster her own image. A month after the prison break, Manzanero, 21, stripped down to only handcuffs for a magazine with the headline: “The Daughter of the Fugitive Congresswoman Confesses.” Manzanero now has more than 2.5 million Instagram followers.

However Rebolledo, 38, was nabbed in Venezuela after three months on the lam and extradited back to Colombia.

Manzanero and the dentist – Javier Cely Barajas – were named as potential accomplices in the crime. In February 2020, Colombian authorities charged the two as being “instrumental” in the prison escape. The Instagram model was charged but remained free on bail.

Last week, Manzanero commented about her trial.

“Despite getting up every day knowing that I can go to jail for 21 years, I am happy because I have the conviction that happiness is a decision that one makes every day,” she said in an Instagram video. “Be happy today because you do not know what will happen tomorrow.”