Introducing The Morning Jog: A Show To Make Waking Up Suck Less


Good morning, esteemed strangers, and WELCOME to the very inaugural episode of The Morning Jog!

“What the hell is The Morning Jog and why do I need this?”

We understand your initial reservations. A morning jog is sounds like a form of government issued torture—like waterboarding or binge watching the TBS hit comedy series Young Sheldon.

Rest assured, the Morning Jog (soft J) is a Zoom show featuring BroBible personalities Francis Ellis, Robby Berger, and Matt Keohan, with the goal of jumpstarting your day by entertaining and informing.

We’ll cover the trending stories of the day and sprinkle in some off-the-wall segments to make waking up less daunting.

“Is this one of them podcast thingys that run 40 minutes too long?”

No. Each show will fall between 10-15 minutes and deliver you the news and laughs in a tight, crisp manner. If we can pack everything in the timeframe of your morning dump, we’ve done our jobs. And also you should incorporate flax seed in your diet to expedite digestion.

“How often will the show air?”

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 8:30 am Eastern Standard Time.

“What should I do if I enjoy The Morning Jog?”

Continue to tune in and tell your friends. We yearn for the positive reinforcement our fathers never provided.

“What should I do if I loathe The Morning Jog?”

Offer constructive criticism or just make personal, hurtful attacks in the comment section. That is the best way to shatter our already fragile egos.

“Will this show save my marriage?” 

If you have to ask, it’s not worth saving.

“Enough chatter already, gadungit! Feed me the content!”

K. The Morning Jog, Episode 1:

Topics of the day:

Carpe diem, folks.