Jason Sudeikis Was Extremely Chill About Don Cheadle Telling Him To Wrap It Up During The Golden Globes

jason sudeikisjason sudeikis


The Golden Globes, even before the pandemic, were a generally unwatchable event. From the occasionally preposterous nominees to the usually pretentious acceptance speeches, the Golden Globes simply no more than the Academy Awards without any of the importance or prestige.

Its saving grace, of course, has long been the fact that it’s the only major Hollywood award ceremony that serves, if not likely encourages the use of, alcohol, leading to the occasional viral moment that usually makes the night worth tuning into. Take last year, for example, when Rickey Gervais absolutely shredded every single person in the room to absolute pieces. Give the pandemic, the Golden Globes were a largely virtual event, stripping the event of the only thing — the unvarnished fun — that makes it worth watching.

If there was one saving grace on the night, though, it was Jason Sudeikis and his general vibe. From his hoodie supporting his sister’s dance studio to his stoned grin to his Ted Lasso mustache to his Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV Series, Comedy, everything about the former SNL star was a major vibe.

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Sudeikis was and is so chill that he didn’t even seem to mind when Don Cheadle (somewhat jokingly, mostly seriously) told him to wrap it up during his acceptance speech:

“Hey that’s just Kansas City love,” Sudeikis told Deadline, referring to the city both he and Cheadle are from. “If anyone was going to tell me…He knew I’d listen to him. That’s all that is. A lot of people don’t know that he’s an excellent stage manager as well as an a American acting icon. The guy’s got chops, you know?”

What a guy. It’s becoming difficult to pinpoint exactly where Jason Sudeikis ends and Ted Lasso begins.

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