Jeff Goldblum Answers The Internet’s Most Googled Questions About Jeff Goldblum

jurassic park jeff goldblum

Jurassic Park

Jeff Goldblum seems like a fascinating person on-screen and off. People want to know as much as possible about Goldblum’s interesting life and they Google a variety of questions about the Jurassic Park star.

To promote his upcoming stop-motion animated movie Isle of Dogs, Goldblum appeared on WIRED’s “Autocomplete Interview.” That’s where celebrities are asked questions from top Google Search results based on the individual’s name.

Google Search results came up with questions such as: “What is Jeff Goldblum famous for?,” “Is Jeff Goldblum dead or alive?,” “Does Jeff Goldblum song?,” “Why did Jeff Goldblum leave Law and Order CI?,” and “Does Jeff Goldblum die in Jurassic World 2?”

When the Hollywood actor was asked “Does Jeff Goldblum have a stutter?,” he actually gave an answer that you may not have expected. Goldblum said that he does not stutter, but his unusual inflection is called “fumfer,” which is a Yiddish word meaning “to temporize and mumble; dither; waffle.” Goldblum also sings twice during the interview.

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Goldblum talks about where he met his wife. This isn’t the first time that Goldblum has bragged about his wife, who just so happens to be a contortionist. Goldblum’s now-wife Emilie Livingston is a Canadian Olympic dancer, aerialist, three-time national champion of Canada and the 1999 Pan-American champion in rhythmic gymnastics, and contortionist.

Goldblum told the story of the first date with Emilie on The Graham Norton Show, which you can watch HERE.