Joe Exotic’s Legal Team Is Using A Bus Covered In A Giant Message For Donald Trump To Try To Get The Tiger King Pardoned

joe exotic donald trump pardon bus


Based on how 2020 has played out so far, it is perhaps appropriate that the batshit insanity of Tiger King took the world by storm right around the time we were confronted with a reality that was almost as hard to process as that of the surreal universe the show investigates and the equally unbelievable characters that inhabit it.

While The Last Dance eventually unseated the Netflix project as the most popular documentary in the world, I’m of the firm opinion that the various adventures of Michael Jordan and his iconic security guard don’t even come close to being as entertaining or engrossing as the tale of Joe Exotic, the owner of a zoo filled with exotic animals in Oklahoma who boasts a résumé that also included “Lipsyncer of Country Music Songs” as well as “Face Of His Own Line Of Underwear” and “Convicted Felon.”

Exotic added that last one to his CV when his longtime feud with mortal foe Carole Baskin—who may or may not have fed her dead husband to tigers—escalated to the point where he paid zoo employee Allen Glover $3,000 to travel to Florida to kill her only to see his plan hit a bit of a hitch when Glover failed to carry out the mission when he decided it would be more fun to head to South Carolina to spend it on booze, women, and cocaine instead.

If we’re being honest, that does sound like a much more enjoyable time.

Investigators are still looking into whether or not there’s any truth to the allegations against Baskin but a jury of Exotic’s peers sided with prosecutors who accused him of trying to have her murdered and threw a bunch of animal abuse charges on top for good measure.

Exotic has continued to proclaim his innocence using his unique brand of logic, and last month, he fired back at the federal government by filing a $94 million lawsuit in search of both recompensation and a presidential pardon.

This resulted in perhaps the stupidest moment in this entire saga which came courtesy of New York Post reporter Steve Nelson, who capitalized on gaining access to a press conference intended to provide people with information about a global health crisis by asking Donald Trump his opinion on the matter.

Now, it appears Exotic is doubling down, as TMZ reports his legal team recently unveiled it now has a bus in its possession emblazoned with the message “President Trump Please Pardon Joe Exotic” and says the group is expected to announce a new campaign that it will play a central role in within the next few days.

I’m sure there are dumber timelines in some other alternate universes but this one has to be close to the top of the list.