Kim Jong Un Conspiracy Theorists Believe He Was Replaced By A Body Double, Make A Compelling Case

Kim Jong Un Conspiracy Theorists Claim He Was Replaced By Body Double

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Among the many types of conspiracy theories the body double conspiracy theory is one of my all time favorites.

They are usually reserved for political figures, but occasionally they will slip into the world of entertainment as well. (Avril Lavigne is actually dead and been replaced by a clone and Taylor Swift is actually an Illuminati clone of a Satanic church leader, don’tcha know?)

The megalomaniacal leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, disappeared and was reportedly dead after heart surgery.

“I’ve wondered how long he could have endured after cardiovascular surgery. I’ve been informed that Kim died last weekend,” said North Korean defector and current South Korean lawmaker Ji Seong-ho. “It is not 100 percent certain, but I can say the possibility is 99 percent. North Korea is believed to be grappling with a complicated succession issue.”

To prove him and everyone else who thought he was dead, Kim reappeared over the weekend at a new fertilizer factory near Pyongyang looking as spry as ever, conspiracy theorists were quick to jump on the mystery of where he had been for a couple of weeks. He supposedly had just been at his luxurious compound in Wonsan with his 2,000 woman “pleasure squad.”

Not that Kim Jong Un truthers were buying it.

I know, right?

Looks like his sister Kim Yo Jong is going to have to wait a little while longer before she can go full Game of Thrones.