The Most Filmed Movie Locations In Every State Would Make For One Hell Of A Great Road Trip

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Most Filmed Movie Locations Every State

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So many times when we’re watching a movie we immediately recognize the place where it was filmed whether the story tells us the location or not. Sometimes it’s not even the place the movie claims it is. But have you ever wondered which locations have been used the most? Even if you haven’t, I’m going to tell you anyway because it’s actually rather interesting.

Thanks to the work of the folks over at we now know which locations around the country, and the world, have been used the most in movies. They even broke it down by state for us American folk.

According to their what had to be exhaustive research, Central Park in New York City has been used to film a movie the most of any other location — a whopping 231 times. Venice Beach in California is second on the list with 161 movies filmed there, while Greenwich Village in New York City was just a tick behind Venice Beach in third with 160 movies being filmed there over the years.

“To define a top location in each state, we went as granular as we could to isolate a specific building, landmark or city,” Go Compare explained in a statement. And go granular they did, discovering that places like Bourbon Street is the most filmed location in Louisiana (probably could have guessed that one), Caesar’s Palace has been in the most movies for Nevada (again, not a huge shocker), and the Philadelphia Museum of Art is the most used location for filming movies in the great state of Pennsylvania.

Check out the rest of the most filmed locations in each state below, as well as the most filmed locations and countries in the world.

Alabama: Ladd-Peebles Stadium
Alaska: Katmai National Park
Arizona: University of Phoenix Stadium

Most Filmed Movie Locations Every State - Univ Phoenix Stadium

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Arkansas: University of Central Arkansas
California: Venice Beach
Colorado: Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater
Connecticut: Yale University
Delaware: Dover International Speedway
Florida: South Beach
Georgia: Georgia Dome
Hawaii: Aloha Stadium
Idaho: Bronco Stadium
Illinois: Wrigley Field
Indiana: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Most Filmed Movie Locations Every State - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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