Nick Cannon Reveals Absurd Salary He Uses To Justify Having So Many Kids

Nick Cannon

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There’s no telling how the world will ultimately remember Nick Cannon, a man who’s been navigating a number of different realms of the entertainment industry since he was a teenager.

Will he go down in history for being a serial game show host, his time as a cast member on All That, the comedy chops he’s showcased on Wild N’ Out, or the relationship with Mariah Carey that sparked a laughably one-sided feud with Eminem?

There’s no way to know for sure, but Cannon has ensured his legacy will live on in another way with the help of the impressive number of children he’s fathered with a number of different mothers.

As of this writing, Cannon has sired a grand total of 12 children with six women, and if you think it’s been hard to keep track of his romantic exploits, you can take a little bit of solace in knowing he has trouble remembering all of their names.

Last year, Cannon asserted he was more than able to support all of his kids after a tabloid estimated he spent $3 million a year caring for them, and based on what he recently had to say about the matter, that’s a drop in the bucket for a man who’s apparently doing very well for himself.

The prolific entertainer addressed the backlash he’s received for spreading his seed as much as he has over the years in an interview with The Los Angeles Times where he shot down the notion he’s a deadbeat dad by highlighting the amount of money he rakes in on a yearly basis to ensure everyone in his life is taken care of, saying:

“When you think about my lifestyle, I have to generate at least $100 million a year.”

Everybody thinks Ryan Seacrest has tons of money. I do everything that he does times 10. Well, not times 10—times three. Because he does a lot.”

Must be nice.

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