NYC’s Electronic Looting And Curfew Billboard Has People Making ‘Blade Runner’ And Other Dystopic Memes

NYC Looting And Curfew Billboards Has People Making Dystopic Memes

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New York City has been put under an 8 p.m. curfew this week as the government tries to quell the many protests that have been taking place in the wake of the death of George Floyd, creating what Manhattan resident Meghan McCain has (falsely) called a “war zone.”

As a part of this effort, an electronic billboard in Columbus Circle now features messages from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo warning people against looting and announcing a curfew.

It’s quite creepy and more than a little Hunger Games-ish.

Many have compared the billboard to Blade Runner and it has now gone on to inspired mumerous people to create memes involving other dystopian films.

Don’t laugh too hard. Blade Runner was set in 2019 and Pacific Rim was set in 2020. Just sayin’.