Olive Garden Will Unleash Annual All-You-Can-Eat Pasta Pass – How Much It Will Cost And When It Goes On Sale

Olive Garden

Attention all carb enthusiasts: Olive Garden is about to drop its yearly all-you-can-eat Pasta Pass. This notice gives you plenty of time to purchase pants that are three sizes too big and are also equipped with elastic stretchy waists. These Golden Tickets for Five Cheese Ziti al Forno are extremely limited and sell out fast, but we’ll tell you how and when you can get your grubby fingers on these limited Pasta Passes.

Every year since 2015, Olive Garden has offered faithful patrons the opportunity to purchase a Pasta Pass. The Annual Pasta Pass entitles the owner to overindulge in 52 weeks of unlimited servings of 100 possible combinations of Olive Garden’s never-ending Pasta Bowls, their favorite pastas, homemade sauces, and toppings, PLUS unlimited soup or salad and breadsticks.

There will be 1,000 Annual Pasta Passes offered this year when they go on sale on sale Thursday, August 23, at 2 p.m. Eastern. The price for a year’s worth of all the creamy fettuccine alfredo you can shovel down your gullet is $300.

With pasta dishes costing approximately $13, if you eat at Olive Garden for lunch and dinner all 363 days that the Italian casual restaurant is open, your Pasta Pass could be worth $9,438. Quite the bargain. And if you had the mental and intestinal fortitude to go more than twice a day than it could be worth as much as around $15,000. *Insulin for your imminent diabetes not included.

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If you don’t need an entire year’s worth of pasta, Olive Garden is also selling a 23,000 Pasta Passes that are valid for eight weeks. From September 24 until November 18, you can chow down on never-ending Pasta Bowls, unlimited servings of their favorite pastas, homemade sauces, and toppings, PLUS unlimited soup or salad and breadsticks. These eight-week passes will cost $100.

Olive Garden got me like:

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Olive Garden

I gained 20 pounds just looking at this infographic.

Neither deal applies to ToGo or online orders, so sit your ass down and eat pasta like it was the last food on the planet before the apocalypse. Pasta Pass is here so we grief eat since MoviePass is dying.

In previous years, the highly coveted Pasta Pass has sold out in one second. You can attempt to purchase your Pasta Pass HERE. May the carbs be forever in your favor.

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