Love Phish? Hitting Fall Tour? There’s Now A Networking Event For Business-Minded Individuals That Love Live Music

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Look, it’s pretty obvious that we really like Phish around here. Cass and I bonded over Phish as young bloggers in our earlier 20s in NYC years ago. Matty Keohan has been to his fair share of shows. I write about it almost every chance I can get, Curveball plans be damned.

Here’s what people outside the Phish bubble don’t understand about my aggressive show-chasing habits: The whole Phish thing is not just about music. That’s important! But, if you read the fucking book just as the great and knowledge Icculus intended, you know there’s more to… IT.

Phish, at mockingbirds-eye view, is about people coming together for music. And there’s a lot of components that go into that sense of togetherness: A sense of adventure, a sense of unexpected, a great sense of togetherness and bonding.

To me, that sense of tribal sense of community is unrivaled, introducing me to some of the best and most meaningful people in my life, well into my 30s. I still make great friends at Phish shows that I hang out with on the reg in all sorts of situations outside of Phish. I also still go to Phish shows with the damn close friend I’ve been going to Phish shows with since 8th grade. And in today’s digital arena, I’m ALWAYS getting hit up by Phish fans who note my passion for a great Tube jam and want to do something here on BroBible. It happens all the time.

In a nutshell, being able to dissect the placement of a first set “The Moma Dance” or the funky overtures of “Set Your Soul Free” with strangers in amphitheaters, parking lots, bars, and arenas has opened all sorts of moments you just can’t find a box.

I’m not just talking about friendships or relationships. I’m also talking about a professional network of like-minded individuals. The jam band community forges that very sense of like-mindedness. And that sense of community is a key-building block to meaningful partnerships in all aspects of business and life.

Which brings us to a new endeavor for Phish fans in the business community. It’s called the Peak Builders Network and it’s dubbing itself as a conference series “Where music and business intersect…”

The first conference kicks off today in Albany (Wednesday October 17th), and it’s a chance for Phish fans to brush elbows with each without the weird party vibes of a Phish show parking lot (…there’s plenty of time for going down to the central part of town after the conference). The conference promises a mixture of tunes, entrepreneurship, and business strategy to help live music fans success in the Show of Life…

If you happen to be hanging around Albany tonight, go check it out. And if you’re hitting other shows on fall Phish tour, follow Peak Builders Network on Twitter for the schedule as it comes up.

Go forth and blaze on out there.

Brandon, publisher

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