There’s No Place I Want To Go To Less Than This Pop-Up Bar In San Francisco Purposely Filled With Rats

rat pop up bar san francisco


Who doesn’t love a good pop-up bar? It’s a great opportunity to cut loose from the usual routine and pay more than you probably should for themed drinks.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the essence of the Dundie Awards, there was recently an Office-themed bar at a Chili’s and if you wanted to get the Fyre Festival experience without traveling to hell on Earth in the Bahamas, you had the chance to do that as well.

I normally try to avoid bars infested by rats, but if that’s your thing for some reason, you’re in luck, as there’s now a bar in San Francisco that’s purposely populated by the rodents.

Look, I’m no expert or any sort of connoisseur. But what I do know is this is an awful idea.

I’ve been in my fair share of bars and usually what they try to do is limit the amount of free-ranging rats. As a result, I’d argue San Francisco has gone one step too far. I can’t even understand why this is annoying. I feel like you did this literally just to piss people like me off.

What’s your exit strategy here? Do you actually think you’re going to be able to round those fuckers up? NO.

You’re going to have a massive infestation on your hands and run the risk of ruining basically everything in close proximity to your establishment. Not a great look.

For the sake of your neighbors, the city of San Francisco, and humanity, please do not do this.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.