A Leaked Document Has Revealed Some Juicy Details About ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’

red dead redemption 2 trailer


In 2010, Rockstar Games made the world a slightly better place when they released Red Dead Redemption, which is probably the best game the company has ever produced (despite the best efforts of the Grand Theft Auto franchise and that table tennis game they decided to make for some reason). If you’ve never sparked a raging gun battle by shooting a top hat off of someone’s head in a saloon, you’re missing out on one of life’s truly great experiences.

In 2016, Rockstar revealed they’d be bestowing another gift upon the people of Earth after announcing the upcoming release of Red Dead Redemption 2. The game was originally scheduled to come out last fall, but the release date was pushed back to this spring before fan’s hopes were crushed even further after the recent news that the sequel’s debut has been delayed until October 26.

Rockstar hasn’t released any real details about what we can expect from the game, so fans have been forced to spend way too much time analyzing trailers and screenshots in order to figure out what’s in store. However, Trusted Review just released a treasure trove of information based on a leaked document that ended up in their possession, and it looks like there’s a chance the delays might be worth it after all.

If you want a detailed look at what you can expect, I highly recommend checking out the entire article, but here’s a list of some of the new features and highlights:

  • A Battle Royale mode in multiplayer guaranteed to satisfy the needs of any fans of The Hunger Games or the Japanese version it ripped off
  • NPCs with their own schedules and routines
  • New mundane activities including mining and fishing that you’ll waste an inordinate amount of time on
  • The option to play the game in first-person mode
  • The ability to extort people you injure as an alternative to killing them for anyone who doesn’t violate as many moral codes as possible while playing

I look forward to abandoning any semblance of a social life once Red Dead Redemption 2 finally drops.