SeaWorld Is Trying To Drum Up Business By Giving Away Free Beer All Summer

by 10 months ago
beer in plastic cups


As anyone who’s drank around the world at Epcot knows, there aren’t many ways to make your visit to an amusement park more enjoyable than supplementing it with a few adult beverages. While I wouldn’t recommend riding Mission: SPACE after creating a cocktail in your stomach, I would highly encourage anyone who hasn’t had the chance to catch a buzz at a theme park to take advantage of that opportunity at some point in life.

Busch Garden did all of its of-age visitors a solid when they announced they’d be handing out free beer to guests this summer for the first time since 2009, and now SeaWorld— which is owned by the same parent company— is giving guest some extra motivation to stop by and watch whales do cool shit this summer at its Orlando location.

According to The Orlando Sentinel, visitors to the park can stop by Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen Patio and grab a couple of seven-ounce samples of the rotating lineup of beers on tap, which includes all of the major light lagers as well as Yuengling and the appropriately-named Mako Red Ale. Free beer was a staple at the park since it originally opened, but Blackstone decided to end the promotion after acquiring the parks close to a decade ago.

While 14 ounces of beer might not seem like much when it cost you $100 to get through the gates, anyone who knows anything about beer knows the best beer in the world is whatever’s free.

SeaWorld guest can take advantage of the offer until September 2nd.

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