Sarah Jessica Parker Teases Reboot Season Of Sex And The City On Her Instagram

NY Post– 

HBO Max has finally announced the official return of “Sex and the City,”…

The next chapter in the tale of lifestyle columnist Carrie Bradshaw (Parker), also titled “And Just Like That…,” continues the story as it follows the three friends, including gallerist Charlotte York (Davis) and attorney Miranda Hobbes (Nixon), now in their 50s. However, the 10 half-hour episodes, which begin production in late spring, will not include sexpot publicist Samantha Jones (Cattrall).

In a move that should surprise nobody, Sex and the City is coming back for another 10 episodes. Hollywood is like a guy trying to cook cod with only half a lemon. He’ll squeeze that thing until his knuckles are white, believing that if he can summon even half a drop, half a filament of pulp, it’s worth the effort. SATC is one of the best shows of all time, make no mistake. The writing was incredible and it paved the way for the landscape of sex-positive women’s podcasts and TV shows that we know and love today.

With that said, in the words of Lindsay Graham… it’s over. Or it should be over. Sex? Sure. The city? Uhhhh ladies, not sure if you’ve seen the news or walked around out there, but things are pretty quiet these days. It’s not exactly the dating playground you might remember from the show’s original run. How are those cosmopolitan brunch scenes going to look?

“In this episode, the ladies take their window service avocado toast to socially-distanced park benches as they banter about the frustrations of not meeting good men, or any men, or any people whatsoever. Charlotte screams when pigeons attack her for crusts.”

Doesn’t have the same shine when they’re not tipping back mimosas, giggling through dappled sunlight at Pastis as the cute weighter sashays his butt cheeks away. Feels a bit like a poor woman’s Waiting for Godot. Not to mention, Kim Cattrall (Samantha) is OUT! Rumors of feuding abound, and she is decidedly not joining the others for this little trip down memory (read: profit) lane. It all feels a bit like Brett Favre saying he’s coming out of retirement again, but he’s leaving his dick pics at home. Sorry Brett—we need the pics if we’re going to care.

Who knows. Nostalgia is an interesting market. You have to get in before all your old fans lose their memory, or pass away. I guess if they’re going to do a reboot, they have to do it now. And just like that, indeed.