This Skateboarding Kid Spinning Like A Top Is The Best Video Of The Day

Not a whole lot to add here beyond wow, awesome, spectacular, very cool. I love skateboarding and even tried it for all of fourth grade before some kid at the park made fun of me for wearing wrist guards. Whelp, I guarantee you that kid is probably washing dishes somewhere—an extremely painful job given that he likely broke his wrist a bunch of times. Sure, my wrist hurts from time to time as well, but only when I type too many paragraphs too quickly! Then I stand up and walk outside for a quick break because I can, unlike that punk bitch and his soggy, pruney fingers.

Anyway, if you grew up in ’90s and played a bunch of Tony Hawk 2, you probably know that Rodney Mullen is one of the best to ever strap on the wrist guards. Changed the game with his crazy style and seemingly-impossible trick inventions. Next dump, drink this in:

The balance, control, and foot dexterity had never been seen before or since… until now. Enter Isamu Yamamoto!

You see when he did the handstand but the board was on its side, and then he flipped it to his feet and landed on its OTHER side?! OR when he rode the board on its side wheels like a car in an ’80s cop movie? Holy moly.

I recognize that I’m describing this incredible phenom in layman’s terms. But whatever. I’m blown away and watching it for the third time. At some point, you have to wonder how successful he would have been as a figure skater, right? Here’s hoping that his Thrasher cover stands as a fulfilling substitute for that gold medal.