Here Are 10 ‘Stranger Things’ Theories To Mess With Our Heads As We Gear Up To Watch Season 2

Stranger Things Theories Season 2


There have been a lot of fan theories thrown around with regard to what will happen in Stranger Things season 2. And I mean A LOT of theories.

Thankfully for the #JusticeForBarb crowd, they didn’t have to wait to get all of her questions answered until season two, but what about some of the other characters?

What about Will? Why was he the one sucked into The Upside Down and what effect did that have on him, besides puking up some nasty looking creatures in the bathroom?

What about Chief Hopper? What does the death of his daughter really mean and what deals did he make with the evil corporation?

Speaking of Hopper, why did he leave those waffles out in the forest? And where is Eleven? And how does she come back?

And what about the very believable theory that Stranger Things is actually part of the universe Stephen King has created in his books? Oh, you don’t know that one? It’s very good.

Okay, okay… slow down, Douglas. (Sorry, I am just very excited to watch season 2 this weekend.)

Now, not all of my questions are answered (I also have many more) in the video below, but the 10 theories that they do cover will definitely give you some food for thought as you get ready to revisit The Upside Down.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the hidden Easter eggs on Netflix’s Stranger Things countdown page, you definitely need to check those out before the clock hits zero.

Ready? Are Demogorgon’s evil? Hell yes, so let’s do this…