Twitter Reacts With Disgust To Cringy Amazon Ad Featuring Terry Crews Cosplaying As A Warehouse Employee

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  • A new Amazon ad featuring Terry Crews has popped up on social media.
  • The ad features Crews cosplaying as an Amazon warehouse employee.
  • Social media users were quick to drag the commercial for its tonedeafness.

Amazon has enlisted Terry Crews to star in an “Amazon employee for a day”-type advertisement and the clip is NOT going over well on social media.

The ad, which Amazon rolled out on their TikTok, sees Crews fulfilling the duties of a warehouse worker in a vaguely patronizing fashion — “Wait, I get to drive a forklift?!” Crews exclaim at one point. Twitter users were quick to drag the advert, pointing out how the company is using money they should be giving to their employees to instead hire Terry Crews for a ridiculous commercial.

In addition to Amazon themselves, Crews was particularly dragged for his willingness to participate in such an advertisement, with one Twitter user jokingly suggesting he would’ve done the same ad for slavery if the technology existed at the time. Regardless of you issues with Crews, though, this ad is ultimately a sign that we’re inching closer and closer to a full-blown dystopia with every passing hour.

This is actually the second horribly cringy Amazon moment in recent days, as a clip of Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend giving Leonardo DiCaprio the flirty puppy dog eyes went viral earlier this week. To make matters worse, Bezos then attempted to get in on the joke and sent a “warning” to Leo on Twitter. “Hahaha, Jeff Bezos is such a jokester! He’s just like one of us!” is how he probably imagined people reacting to this tweet. Just admit you’re trying to turn our reality into a combination of Black Mirror and Squid Game already, Jeff.

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