Woman’s Relationship Advice To Have Sex On First Date Goes Viral

TikTok personality gives relationship advice to have sex on first date.

iStockphoto / Vasyl Dolmatov

To have sex on the first date or to not have sex on the first date – that is the question. One TikTok personality answers this important relationship advice question in a video that went viral recently.

A TikTok user by the name of Eve Culling answered the critical question, “Should I have sex on the first date?”

Culling’s answer was an emphatic “YES.”

“Okay, I’m gonna tell you guys why it is crucial, important to have sex on the first date. Hear me out,” she says in the TikTok video.

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The reason why Culling gives the advice to have sex on the first date comes down to a very unsuccessful online date with a man who had a special kind of kink talk.

“I recently was seeing this guy – we were taking things slow,” Culling said in the video. “We probably had 10 to 15 dates before actually having sex. Before we had sex, I asked him, ‘So, what do you like during sex, do you have any kinks?'”

He allegedly responded, “No, I don’t really have any kinks, nothing crazy.”

“So we go to have sex, at first it was fine. His d*** was fine, he was fine, and then he starts to dirty talk.”

That’s when things go south.

“Now, I know what you’re thinking. ‘Dirty talk is sexy, dirty talk is hot.’ I agree, completely. But this man did not do your typical – he could have said anything other than what he said,” Culling said in her relationship advice.

The gentleman allegedly asked to get Eve pregnant during sexual intercourse. It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for ’em.

He purportedly said in the throes of passion, “Yeah, yeah, you want me to get you pregnant? You want me to put a baby in you so everyone knows you’re mine?!'”

Not exactly the best pillow talk. But she continues with her sex advice.

In the video seen over 26 million times, Eve explains where the dude went wrong and gives relationship advice on what not to do to woo a woman.

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“What the f*** do you want me to say? ‘Yeah, you wanna pay for my abortion? Yeah, you wanna be a single dad? Months of getting to know this guy, getting deep with him, getting personal with him…out the door,” Culling explained.

She explained that wasting time to get to know someone could end tragically if you meet someone with a kink that is not the same as yours.

“Have sex on the first date, you heard it here first,” Culling exclaimed.

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