Viral TikTok Video Shows Moment Two-Way Mirror Is Exposed With A Potentially Criminal Past

When you buy a new home, you usually aren’t told anything about the history of previous owners who lived there. The real estate agents especially won’t divulge if there is a sinister history of the home; for example, if someone died in the home – because that might lower the price, unless someone famous died inside the house. One new homeowner discovered a potentially criminal past of her new abode and shared it with the world on TikTok.

Annabell Mickelson’s family recently moved into a new house in Arizona, which is exciting. However, the family may have experienced more excitement than they bargained for when they uncovered a secret room behind a two-way mirror.

The Mickleson family were suspicious of a mirror in the bathroom after they realized it was built into the wall and could not be removed. They decided to create a pantry out of the walls behind the mirror. The 18-year-old TikTok user’s father cut a hole into the wall, which exposed a secret room inside the walls.

The mirror was actually a two-way mirror, one that allows someone to surreptitiously spy on others. There was also exposed wires that appear to be for video equipment.

“The reason we are certain it’s a two-way mirror is because this was a house that was [involved] in the cartel, I guess you could say,” Amanda said, The Sun reported. She added that the home previously belonged to a drug lord who held “parties all the time.”

“There are cameras that surround the house and we couldn’t figure out where the cameras went to,” Amanda alleged. “And there are cameras that led into the back gate so you could let people in.”

“The neighbors have told us this as one of them used to party with this dude and he knew everything about him,” the TikTok user claimed.

Mickleson also claimed that there was $25,000 in cash hidden somewhere in the garden on the property, and that someone was snooping around to uncover the buried treasure.

The viral video has been viewed nearly 3 million times. There are numerous commenters who have theories to the hidden room. Some believe that the area is for a bathroom that had a TV. Others hypothesized that it could have previously been an in-wall aquarium. You have to go with the surveillance/panic room for a cartel drug lord. That sounds way more interesting than a bathroom with a television.

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