23-Year-Old Woman Survives 80-Foot Fall Attempting ‘Extreme’ Yoga Pose On The Edge Of Her Sixth-Floor Balcony

Woman Survives 80-Foot Fall While Attempting Yoga Pose On Balcony


Here’s a terrifying story for you. A woman attempting a “extreme” yoga pose on the edge of her sixth-floor balcony in Mexico fell 80 feet and somehow survived… with fractures to both of legs and arms, hips and head.

The woman, Alexa Terrazas, 23, a Mexican college student at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, was attempting to hang upside down on the front of the balcony with her full weight being supported by the railing.

According to El Imparcial, her neighbors said they had seen her perform yoga poses such as this on her balcony before.

An image taken by a friend of Terrazas performing the stunt before the fall has since gone viral online.

News.com.au reports Terrazas was taken to a local hospital and underwent 11 hours of surgery on her knees and ankles following the fall and reportedly broke 110 bones in total.

As of Monday afternoon she was listed in critical condition with fractures to both of her legs and arms as well as her hips and head. El Imparcial also reported that it is being speculated that she will not be able to walk for three years, since her legs have to be almost completely reconstructed.

Libertad Bajo Palabra reports Terrazas is a mountaineer and likes extreme sports, will have to be sedated for two weeks while she recovers.

Hopefully, Terrazas will be able to recover and go on to live a relatively normal life, and perhaps someday she will get to hang out and play the lottery with the woman who fell 5,000-feet to Earth when her parachutes failed to open.

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