Woman With 80% Of Her Body Covered In Tattoos Erases Them With Makeup And The Results Are Striking

  • A woman, Casey from Tauranga, New Zealand, estimates that 80% of her body is covered in tattoos.
  • With the help of a makeup artist, she covered up all of her tattoos and the results left her mother stunned.
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Casey from Tauranga, New Zealand (@thetattooedheart on Instagram), has tattooed, by her estimate, around 80 percent of her entire body.

As has been evidenced several times in the past with transformations such as this, when someone covers most of their body with tattoos, including their face, that ink is very representative of who they are as a person.

So covering it all up with makeup after putting so much thought, time and money into the inked artwork on one’s body is no easy thing to do.

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Casey, who estimates she has spent around $50,000 on her tattoos, says, “Tattooing definitely helped me to become more of my own person. It’s been my outlet.”

Interestingly, despite all of that, she also says she is beginning the process of getting some of her tattoos, including all of the ink on her face, permanently removed.

The reason for that, she says, is because when she worked as a venue and general manager for bars and clubs her face tattoos were no big deal. Now though, since she has begun working with special needs children, her feelings about her facial ink have changed.

Casey wants to do more work with children and believes removing her face tattoos will help her to be taken more seriously.

That being said, removing them, even with makeup, is still a bit jarring for her.

“Oh my god, it’s so weird,” she says while looking at her body with every tattoo covered up by makeup.

“I feel ugly. I feel really self-conscious again. I think it’s because it doesn’t feel like me.”

However, when Casey’s mom Amoure gets her first look at her daughter without all the ink, she was very, very excited.

“Oh wow! Don’t you look amazing?!” says her mom. “Oh wow, you look beautiful. My darling, you are so gorgeous. Look at you!”

When Casey asks her if she likes this new look better than with all of the ink, her mother replies, “I love both ways. I love you either way.”

After all was said and done, Casey admitted, “I definitely realized that I’m so happy in the skin that I’m in, and I’m really happy with who I am.”

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