The First Reactions To ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Are Rolling In: Here’s What Critics Are Saying

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Look, I’m not gonna lie to you: I am gassed up for Christmas Day and it has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas and everything to do with movies.

First, on December 18, we’ve got the season two finale of The Mandalorian, which — based on season two thus far — promises to be epic. Then, five days later on December 23, George Clooney’s sci-fi epic The Midnight Sky drops on Netflix. Fast-forward another two days to Christmas and we’ve got the release of both Pixar’s Soul and Wonder Woman 1984. When you’re a movie nerd like myself, that’s about as good of a run you can ask for: a prestige sci-fi drama, a superhero sequel, and the latest addition to Pixar’s immaculate filmography.

The release of Wonder Woman 1984 is obviously particularly exciting as I’d argue its the biggest film to ever release on a streaming service. In a regular world, WW84 — the sequel to Wonder Woman, inarguably one of the greatest comic book films of all-time, would flirt with a billion dollars a tthe global box office.

With the release of Wonder Woman 1984 just a few weeks away, the initial reactions to the film have finally begun to roll in, and based on what critics are saying, the sequel lives up to the hype and then some.

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“I’m so happy to report that #WW84 is an absolute blast from start to finish. An exceptional compliment to the first film, it’s stuffed w/ heart, hope, love, action, romance & humor. Patty Jenkinss, Gal Gadot
& team delivered one of DC’s best sequels. I was in tears when it ended,” said Erik Davis of Fandango.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is spectacularly fun. A blockbuster with lots to value. Tonally reminiscent of the SUPERMAN movies in the best spots. Delivers a different kind of empowering kick than the original. Sentiments & themes are thoroughly enriching. Action sequences, sublime,” says Courtney Howard of Variety.

“I got to watch Wonder Woman 1984 yesterday and… honestly it’s just what I needed. What we all need. It’s uplifting, hopeful, and so utterly Wonder Woman. Just a beautiful film with themes that hit you right in the heart,” added Amy Ratcliffe of Nerdist.

Wonder Woman 1984 is a joyful, thrilling and engaging sequel, one that manages to connect to what worked the first time around, yet it’s still uniquely its own thing. Emotional, hilarious and exciting, perhaps even better than the first,” added

“Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig are the highlights of #WonderWoman1984 for me. Pascal goes ALL IN on a wild portrayal of Max Lord, a conflicted but vile villain. Wiig’s Cheetah evolution throughout the movie is heartbreaking yet epic. We need more!” says Brandon Davis of

Wonder Woman 1984 will hit HBO Max and theaters on Friday, December 25.

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