Guy Fieri — The Mayor of Flavortown Himself — Eats The World’s Hottest Wings

Guy Fieri’s resume is arguably the most storied resume in the world: TV host, restauranteur, hot rod collector, frosted tip connoisseur, bowling shirt enthusiast, Triple-D lover, President of the Smash Mouth fan club, Mayor of Flavortown, living meme. Guy Fieri is the alpha and omega of weird Internet culture, an institution inspiring the world’s biggest pop stars AND the best pair of summer party shoes on Instagram (..Crocs with flames on them).

The folks at Hot Ones gave the Mayor of Flavortown a big plate of wings doused in the hottest sauces imaginable. Fieri handled the heat like a champ, going “no water, no milk” through the arsenal of sauces while talking about how he doesn’t give a shit about hipster food haterz. In fact, he seems to enjoy every finger-lickin’ second of it.

It’s the most “off the hook” 22 minutes you’ll spend today. The man is truly a Bro King in every sense of the term.

I don’t care what that skinny-jeans wearing jabroni Anthony Bourdain has to say, we should all aspire to be more like the man.

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