John Oliver Debunks All Of Those Anonymous Scientific Studies That The Media Always References

We’re big fans of John Oliver over here in our neck of the Internet woods. He pretty much get paid to be the funniest European comedian on American television while simultaneously looking crisp as hell. Plus, he essentially says what everyone else is thinking except it sounds way more intelligent and funny because, you know, accents.

However, I’m not a big fan of doctors telling me how to live my life. “Nine out of ten doctors recommend” are probably my least favorite six words in the English language. Where do they even find these “doctors” and why do we never get to hear the argument from the one doctor who doesn’t agree? How do we know that doctor isn’t the smartest guy in the room? Also, who even are “they” and why are we trusting their choice in “doctors”?

Well, Oliver did it again last night by tackling the issue of scientific studies. Namely: Who the hell are these people and why should we listen to them?