Kind Of Respect Justin Bieber Walking Around Hollywood After He Pissed His Grey Sweatpants

justin bieber fell on stage

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Remember that nerdburger Ernie from Billy Madison who pissed his pants on a school field trip like a LOSER? Then Billy saved his ass from getting run out of school by saying peeing your pants is cool, and all those dumbass third graders actually believed him and started pissing their pants like a bunch of mindless lemmings? It’s amazing the influence a 22-year-old third grader can have over his classmates.

That story literally has very little to do with this one, but I was reminded of it after seeing Justin Bieber walking around in West Hollywood in $400 sweatpants covered in what seems to be his own urine.

Bieber has been particularly antagonistic with the paparazzi recently, and maybe this was a signal to them to back off and let him piss in his pants in peace. The most unsettling part of all this is that some lunatic Belieber is going to pay an exorbitant amount of money on eBay for the piss pants and is probably going to drain them into a shot glass and suck it down like Fireball.