Kristin Cavallari Was Not Happy Jay Cutler’s Teammate Said Olivia Munn Was Hotter Than Her

File this one under one of the great debates of 2015: Who is the hotter WAG? Kristin Cavallari, wife of Jay Cutler? Or Olivia Munn, girlfriend of Aaron Rodgers, aka the woman whose ass Rodgers can’t keep his hands off.

For Jay Cutler’s Bears teammate and protector on the offensive line Kyle Long (no stranger to weird Twitter beefs) the answer was Olivia Munn when he was asked that question during an informal Twitter Q&A session.

Kristin Cavallari didn’t take too kindly to that response.

Long really should have known better than to answer that question truthfully. Or at all. But he did try to make a nice save there at the end. He still lost, but is was a nice attempt.