All The Ways Larry David Was A Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Bad Friend on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Larry David has made a lot of enemies on Curb Your Enthusiasm, some more impassioned than others. Previously, we ranked the most heated haters. Now, we’re running down the reasons Larry has forged so many foes.

What’s most interesting about Larry’s character on Curb is that he’s what Larry’s like in real life. Not sure I’d be able to endure that level of scorn all over confusion, miscommunication, and unnecessary outrage.

It’s mind-blowing and so comically frustrating how easy it is for Larry to slip into the pitfalls outlined in the video. Ruining marriages and relationships, turning seemingly tedious chores or tasks into full-blown fiascos. A simple shoulder shrug, hand gesture, or flick of the eyebrows can snowball into hell on Earth.

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There’s no shortage of insults on the show. You’d think Larry would be impervious to the barrage of putdowns after eight seasons. With the news that Curb will return for a ninth season, and the emergence of Larry’s daughter on Instagram, we can expect a whole new batch of downright dirty digs that’ll test David’s dad chops.

It has to be a guarantee that we’ll see Bernie Sanders make a cameo or, if his Presidential and Vice Presidential plans get scrapped, get a recurring feature role. Larry’s been nailing the Sanders impression on Saturday Night Live – first on the Democratic Debate, then on the Bern Your Enthusiasm mash-up crossover, scolding Donald Trump, and shooting the breeze with Hillary Clinton over beers.


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